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 Circle of Community

Those words imply connections, traditions, and longevity.  Nevada’s Circle of Community centers on the historic County Courthouse.  The businesses facing the County Courthouse square provide a multitude of merchandise and services including new books, sparkling jewelry, tasteful home furnishings, floral displays, footwear for the family, and clothing both new and recycled. Enjoy a stroll around the square, browse the shops, eat at one of our wonderful restaurants and view the architecture. There are an abundant variety of services, stores and unique restaurants for you to enjoy in and around the community.  Enjoy Nevada’s circle of community and help it to continue and strengthen.

The Circle of Community in the County is just as diverse. From the Amish General Store with home grown and hand-made specialties, to the Boot Store with thousands of pairs to choose from, to the locally owned Farm and Home stores, Vernon County can provide a shopper with just about anything they are looking for! Slow down, look around and you will see all you need and something you may not have known about.