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For Women, By Women, About Women

Cottey College is an independent, women’s liberal arts and sciences college founded in 1884 by Virginia Alice Cottey who believed that women deserved the same rigorous education as men. That philosophy endures and Cottey remains a college committed to helping women become learners, leaders and citizens in a global society. One of the College’s may unique qualities is being owned and supported by a philanthropic women’s organization, the P.E.O. Sisterhood. The P.E.O. Sisterhood provides generous support to the College and students every year.

Students choose from 13 baccalaureate and six associate degree programs that provide students with the opportunity to pursue their academic interests in a challenging, yet supportive, environment. Based in the liberal arts, a Cottey education encourages investigation, promotes confidence, and inspires vision. Students hone and develop their problem-solving skills, flexibility and creativity in experiences beyond the classroom including internships and study abroad.

Leadership programs provide an environment for women to prepare for personal and professional leadership roles.The Cottey experience helps students understand who they are, how to lead and how to work with leaders while supporting personal growth and development. Cottey leadership programs are reinforced by a close-knit community that helps students succeed at every level.

Cottey also offers leadership experiences through its intercollegiate athletic programs along with over 30 clubs and honor organizations. Students have opportunities to participate actively in campus life whether they live in a residence hall or in town.

Students come to Cottey College from all segments of society, different cultures and countries, and with varying life whether they live in a residence hall or in town.

No one ever changed the world by following the status quo. This mindset encourages students to ask difficult questions and challenge the way things are. Cottey faculty and staff continue to adapt programs to fit the demanding, ever-changing needs of students to help them create their own incredible future.

Visit the Cottey website at to explore Cottey’s academic programs and degrees offered and learn why we are annually ranked as one of the best colleges in the Midwest.

Cottey College

Cottey College

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