Thirty-One with Michelle Leroux

Thirty-One with Michelle Leroux
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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts!

Thanks for visiting my site!

It’s amazing how things are brought into your life at just the right time.

When I was introduced to Thirty-One Gifts I knew I was going to be a great customer to my consultant.  Little did I know, Thirty-One Gifts would become so much more for me.

I joined in June of 2010 to supplement my family’s income.  I mean, who really couldn’t use an extra few hundred dollars a month?!

In June of 2011 my only sibling, my brother who is 18-months younger than I, passed away.  It was a sudden shock that rocked my world.  I found something through Thirty-One that I never imagined; a sisterhood of women who support during the difficult times and celebrate the accomplishments, no matter how small.  We Celebrate, Encourage and Reward women for who they are!

I started my Thirty-One business as a part-time venture, helping my family pay down debt, send my husband back to school and help pay for those unexpected expenses that pop up each month.

Five years later I was unafraid to leave my corporate America job as my husband followed his career.  Because Thirty-One is a nationwide company it was such a relief to know that I already had a job in our new community, Thirty-One, which continues to provide for our extras and unexpected expenses.

Every consultant I know has been blessed in some way through Thirty-One:  whether it’s to pay off medical bills, provide a supplemental income during a hard time, pay for car repairs or even treat themselves to a new big-screen tv!  I love seeing lives change because of Thirty-One!

I’d love to talk about your goals, dreams and wishes.  Host a party and see just how FUN my job is.  My average hostess earns $100 in FREE PRODUCT.  What’s not to love about free stuff?

Michelle Leroux
Director, Thirty-One Gifts
Cell (417) 684-4278 (text is good too)

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