Vernon County Democratic Central Comm

Vernon County Democratic Central Comm
vernon county democrats nevada mo
Contact Information
16299 S. 1100 Rd., Nevada, MO 64772
Detailed Information
We’re the Vernon County Democrats of Southwest Missouri. We’re working hard to bring responsive and efficient government back to the people…and have a little fun at the same time!
The Vernon County Democrats includes the Vernon County Democratic Women and the Vernon County Democratic Central Committee, as well as all other Democratic party supporters. We work in cooperation with the Missouri State and the National Democratic Committees.
The essence of the Vernon County Democratic Party’s mission is:
to encourage the fullest possible participation of all Democratic voters;
to disseminate the Democratic message, platform, and philosophy;
strengthen the Democratic Party organization throughout the county, district, region, and state;
register Democratic voters;
encourage Election Day turn-out among Democratic voters;
and endorse Democratic candidates for elected public office.

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